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Owned and Operated by  JC Hines.  JC has been on the Internet for several years now and have proven she has what it takes to be here.   The main company, JandMGlobalMarketing.com is the forefront of many of her online websites.  JC says her favorite websites are the ones named after her mother:  Mim’s Online Wedding Shop, Mim’s Cakes and Recipes from Around the World, MimsCELLaneous (Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Wii) Websites.  

JC said the new Review website has been in the works for a long time and she is happy to have finally gotten it off the ground and on to the Internet.  She said they want to cover Consumer Products, Programs and Blogs.  She thought every beginner needs a push and what better way than to review their website and then post the Review on a well known website to give them support.   JC said besides giving reviews they will sell appropriate products to match whatever the Review may be about.  So, if we are reviewing shoes we will look for products we approve of and put them in our sales corner store.    It may not be the cheapest product on earth but it will be the most reasonably discounted since they are affiliates for Amazon©.com

JC Hines is looking forward to helping out the NEWBIES with their BLOGS.  She said they offer to do a beginners WordPress Blog for $25.00.  She said they must already have a domain name and hosting company.  If they do not know how to create a domain name or get a hosting company, JC said they will be most happy to guide them in the right direction. 

More important to our goals is to provide the best possible discount prices of products we review as excellent products for the consumer.  We will be vast  in our sentiments on these products as we will try to keep up with all seasonal products.  Our main goal has always been to help others on the Internet.  If you have a product you want us to look at or review please feel free to contact us.

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