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Leaving Bliss webisode 6: “Know Your Niche”

Leaving Bliss webisode 6: “Know Your Niche”
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Visit leavingbliss.com for bonus material! New episodes every other Friday. Leaving Bliss is an original comedic web series from Shanna Micko and …

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REVIEWS – Online Products – Online ETIQUETTE


Consumer Beware. There are some advertisers that don’t feel the need to remove their banners and/or advertising on the internet and leave us left to clean it up ourselves or go to the trouble of trying to buy their service or program to find out they are no longer doing business or Clickbank has booted them for TOS reasons. (TOS: Terms of Service) We urge companies who are no longer in business or no longer sell a product to remove that product from the internet so that the CONSUMER does not continue to click on your dead AD and expect to buy. That is RUDE and you show your company does not practice online ETIQUETTE.

Come on People lets get busy.

JCHines, Owner/Operator Money Express, Reviews

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Money Express Reviews for Consumers

Money Express Reviews for  Consumers

We provide REVIEWS for Consumers.  Whether it be a website or blog or a review of a product or program.  We also create beginners wordpress websites for $25.00. HURRY as these prices are low!  You must have domain name and hosting company already purchased. Make sure the hosting company allows WORDPRESS websites/blogs.  The website will be professional however it is a plain Jane or Joe site.  We do include simple header.  If you already have plugins and your optin created we will gladly put those in for you too.  If you want website with content the price increases. So Know your Niche!  Don’t know what a Niche is and need additional information? Go to OnlineNetteWorks.com for detailed Affiliate Marketing Information. Contact us: support at moneyexpressreview.com for further details about purchasing website or blog.  Put “WORDPRESS” in the subject line for faster service!  Tell us what you would like on your website such as color or if you know your Niche or Content Title and Subject Matter.  See Website Design Below for More Information about Website Creation. Thanks.

Our primary focus is letting the consumer be aware.   See our Reviews on Mobile Programs.  We are very straight forward in our Review and stand behind everything we say.   We haven’t been compensated for the Mobile Review however we are advertising mobile products from our affiliate relationship with Amazon.  We hope to continue to help the consumer on programs and products and/or websites/blogs.  Check back often or make a request.

Also, signing up to our website will put you on our email list.  We promise NEVER to spam you or abuse the number of emails you receive from our company.

by: jchines March 18, 2014 (All Rights Reserved) MoneyExpressReview.com


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New Mobile Programs

imagesNew Mobile Programs on the Market

by JC Hines, February 6, 2015


I’m not going to burst at the seams about these programs because these programs are not for everybody.  Don’t be fooled by the “sales pitches” you are being offerred either.  They can suck you in as fast as you can say MOBILE.  The ones I am talking about are the mobile programs making you believe you can push a button and “bam” you have money in your PayPal Account.  Not going to happen people.  If it sounds too good to be true …… you answer the rest of that!


What I did find on these programs is a lot of reading and a lot of work.  Not just work to be done on your computer but you also have to be willing to work outside of the home.  That is not what the good percentage of us are looking for.  We are looking for a Home Based Business that is working from the Home…….in the Home.  We don’t want to be calling on external businesses.  Some of us are just not “sales” oriented or have good public speaking abilities.  But we are great behind our computers and that is what we are looking for.  If you are disabled homebound this is probably not a program for you if you are not mobile enough. But as some Disabled People tell me “we can do anything we put our minds to.”  I just want to give the “heads up” on it for the disabled so that they don’t waste their money or time.  I’m disabled and I certainly don’t want to call on businesses outside of my home.


I fell for a couple of these Mobile programs when they first came out only because of the fantastic sales pitch of how you were going to make so much money and how easy it is to make money.  Don’t believe you are going to get rich easy…………..hard work will come with it I assure you.


These Mobile Programs will require you to get familiar with apps. Some even want you to learn how to create apps for businesses.  Some have programs for you to imput the information but it all entails you having to do the work for the app and for your business prospect.


I agree you can make a lot of money with these programs but you better be prepared for long hard work too.  No doubt the future of Mobile is HERE and not in the future anymore.  It is NOW.  Some of you will get on the bandwagon to hard work and wealth while others will choose to be affiliates for products and programs.  After all, you can be an affiliate to the Mobile Program and just sell the program itself to make money.  Like I said….the sales pitch on these are mindbending and controversial.


This is my opinion of these programs.  They are not all alike but very similar.  You will have to do WORK with these programs.  Be prepared to read and learn.  There is a lot of information to be absorbed.  To Your Success!   by JC Hines

Revised 2/6/2015 by JCHines, MoneyExpressReview.com All Rights Reserved 2015.

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Welcome to Money Express Reviews

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Welcome to Money Express Reviews – Top Online Reviews

Welcome to Money Express Reviews. We are your place to look for Reviews on Online Products, Online Programs, Online Books and Online Seasonal Products such as:  Summer Products that are hot right now!

We do not plan to bore you with long reviews only concise, accurate and honest reviews.  Since there are so many Reviews on the Internet we want to be known as the place to go for Reviews!

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Review – Make Money Taking Surveys

Make Money Taking Surveys

Taking Survey Programs can sometimes be very tricky. We are providing several authors/creators of programs for making money online by taking Surveys. Is it possible? Yes. But know what you are getting yourself into first. Some of these programs will give you old survey company names that do not exist anymore or have strict guidelines you cannot follow. We say BEWARE on making too much money online by taking Surveys. Anything you do to make money online requires WORK. Check out Kathy Haggard’s book on “Can I Really Make Money Taking Surveys” below.

by JCHines February 02, 2015, www.moneyexpressreviews.com All Rights Reserved 2015

Niche Marketing: GREAT Tips & Tricks

Niche Marketing: GREAT Tips & Tricks

Niche Marketing: GREAT Tips & Tricks with Shama Kabani

In this 6th episode of Webwatching, Pelpina talks to Shama Kabani who gives GREAT tips and tricks for niche marketing. Shama first explains what niche market…

Clear cut to the point!  You should understand this young lady very well on understanding what a Niche is all about!  …..moneyexpressreview.com Support Team  February 06, 2015 All Rights Reserved 2015-2016.

Website Design

Website Design

Many consumers are anxious to get their blog or website up and running. Some of you are scared that it involves so much for your brain it will explode. Well, in some circumstances…. it can. However, creators have come out with a number of programs to make OUR lives easier. The most popular website and blog creator is the new WORDPRESS blog/website. It may look difficult at first but trust me, if I can learn how to use it…anyone can. Once you learn the basics of the website and how to create certain things on it you will see what I mean. Does it mean you have to learn? Of course. If you don’t want to learn? We will gladly set-up a general blog for you for a nominal fee of $25.00. Now this is a plain Jane or Joe site from your general description of your Niche or what you would like on your website. If you want more than a general website the price goes up. If you want content or original content the price can go up to $1500.00. But we like helping beginners to be recognized on the Internet.  Word of  Mouth Special:  So if you want us to get you started with your first website for $25.00 email us at support at moneyexpressreview.com with “WORDPRESS” in subject line.  All payments through PayPal.

The demand for beginner websites has been great!  We have had to put a limitation on the number of websites to only 4 websites per person/company.  We want to thank everyone who has participated in this program.                 JC

by JC Hines, www.moneyexpressreview.com All Rights Reserved 2014-2015.